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4 Chamber Arm Garment with Shoulder

Supply Item: E0668

Available in:
Size Item No. 
Small (26.5" + 8") Length GS-3035-SH/S
Medium (31" + 8") Length GS-3035-SH/M
Large (35.5" + 8") Length GS-3035-SH/L
Our 4 Chamber Arm & Shoulder System features a smooth uninterrupted, unilateral gradient pressure and flow, distally from the hand and arm, up through the axilla and shoulder areas with anterior and posterior coverage of both the pectoral and scapula regions. This maximizes lymph flow out of affected or partially compromised lymph nodes and lymphatic channels for subsequent excretion.  This garment is to be used with either our pump Model SC-2004, SC-2004-OC, SC-2004FC-OC, SC-3004 or SC-3004-DL. 

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