Bio Compression

Multi-FLO DVT Combo


DVT Prophylaxis

The innovative Multi-FLO DVT Combo system has been designed to allow patients the freedom to receive DVT Prophylaxis as well as the reduction of acute post-operative edema in the hospital or the comfort of their own homes.

Health Benefits

Intended for prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis

Enhancement of venous and arterial circulation

Prevention of venous stasis ulcers

Assist in healing of cutaneous ulcers


Our DVT garments offers compression to the entire circumference of the calf

Garments are disposable

Single patient use

One size fits all

Garment selection -

Bilateral calf

Bilateral calf-thigh

Bilateral foot

Post-Operative Cold Compression

Intended to help lessen pain and swelling after surgery or injury

Promotes faster healing and tissue regeneration

Reduce the need for narcotics

35mmHg of pressure plus cold therapy stimulates lymph flow to reduce edema

Garments available for shoulder, ankle and knee

Product Features

Hospital or In-home use

Adjustable Pressure

Built in compliance meter allowing therapist and/or physician to monitor patient use

Fully portable system

Designed for easy use


Dimensions: 6.25” x 8” x 8.25” / 16 cm x 20 cm x 21 cm

Weight: 4.55 lb / 2,06 kg

Pressure: Bilateral calf mode (50 mmHg)

Cycle: Inflation / hold: 13-17 seconds

Deflation / rest: 43-47 seconds

Cycle time: 60 seconds

Pressure: Bilateral foot mode (120 mmHg)

Cycle: Inflation / hold: 5-7 seconds

Deflation / rest: 53—55 seconds

Warranty: 3 years

 HCPCS: E0676


See product manual for warnings, precautions, and contraindications