Incredible results after 45 days of treatment

What Our Patients Say

Please read some of the amazing things our patients say about our pumps.

We also have multiple scientific studies, which prove their efficacy.

“Because of my condition which is affecting my quality of life. I have evaluated a number of compression products for my legs. The SC-2004-OC Bio Compression Sequential Circulator is, in my opinion the best product I have ever used. I apply the full compressor to my legs in the early morning for 30-45 minutes and for 1 hour after I work out at night. In one week the use of the Bio Compressor reduced the swelling in both legs by approximately 50%. Thank you and your company for making your compressor available for my legs.”

Dr. C. J. Abraham

“Thank you for designing and making available compression garments that help so many individuals with lymphedema and tissue fluid movement issues! And thanks you for shining bright in product excellence, professionalism and care on the highest levels – from those Compression Systems mission.
After having breast cancer and three surgeries, my therapist recommended using a compression garment to aid with tissue fluid movement. A trainer representing the Flexitouch model came to my home and demonstrated the Flexitouch compression garment on me. There were a lot hoses, the fit didn’t seem quite right, and with this being such a big financial investment, I was unsure about my commitment to this unit.
Afterward, I learned of Bio Compression Systems and their product line. When the trainer came to my home to do the demo on me, there was a huge difference in the Bio Compression Systems unit compared to the Flexitouch unit. First, I appreciated that my trainer had a clear understanding of the unit as well apparent experience in this field. He answered my questions fully, while conveying information that helped me easily understand the process.
I loved how Bio’s unit zips up the front with the Velcro adjustment in the back, making my fit perfect for my body. Also, there are no bulky hoses – just 2 sets of tubing to insert into the device module. So to summarize my experience – the unit is quiet, the garment is easy to get on and off as well as easy to use, while offering complete comfort during use. I also appreciate the countdown clock so you know at all times what stage your treatment is at.
Also, I have to admit I was a bit nervous about taking my unit on an airline flight. After mentioning to my trainer, he demonstrated how to fold up the garment and pack up the tubing to conveniently fit within my carryon luggage. He said to contact the airline ahead of time to give them a heads up regarding my medical equipment and have Bio’s written information included. Thanks to his expert advice, my flight went just fine.
Overall, I highly recommend that any individuals needing compression devices take a look at Bio Compression Systems, receive a demonstration, and see firsthand how Bio Compression Systems can help them move forward with personalized health care management.”

Twila U.

“I received my sequential compressor on February 12, 2018. Prior to getting this machine, I could only receive treatment once a week. Since then, I have been using it every morning for an hour. My measurements have decreased from 64cm to 35.8cm (left leg) and 67cm to 33.5cm (right leg). With this significant difference, I feel better, have less pain, and basically overall improved in multiple ways. The difference is not going unnoticed by others. Thank you.”

Sidney S.

“I am so blessed the Dr. prescribed this machine for me. I couldn’t ask for nicer people to deal with”

Mary A.

“I was awful, had to have my really swollen legs and feet wrapped every week. You can’t shower or bath while you have them wrapped, couldn’t find shoes big enough for my swollen feet. So had to go all winter with strap shoes that I could adjust the size.”

Joyce M.

“Wow! Since I have had these miracle pumps (boots) my feet are back to normal. It has been such a relief, I can now wear shoes. I love this machine, I wouldn’t give it up for anything. It has done wonders for me. I can’t express the wonders it has done for me. I use it twice a day. Everyone with swollen feet should have one.”

Hillary M.

“I had to wear compression stockings. Very difficult to put on. My feet were too swollen to wear shoes. Now I can wear shoes and the swelling has gone down. Thank you!”

Helen G.

“A lot of swelling in the right arm, also pain on and off in the arm and shoulder. Limited use of arm due to swelling and pain. I notice a big difference when I use it if I go a day or more not using it. That is when I really notice a difference in how my arm and shoulder function. I have a lot more swelling and pain if I do not use it daily. It has made a big difference and I will continue to use it on a daily basis.”

Sandra G.

“It is a wonderful machine, it helps with some of the pain and helps me be a little bit more mobile. My legs aren’t as swollen anymore.”

Daws P.

“Thank you so much for all the work you had to put into getting a sequential pressure machine for my wife, Lisa. It took years to get our doctor to see her lymphedema as treatable since no AMA doctors in our area specialize in it. I’d have settled for a witch doctor if he lived nearby and his treatment worked. We found an out-of-network PT who had a program we successfully fought to get covered, and he introduced us to you. Today, we received our sequential compression machine, complete with instructions on its use and a bill of $0 thanks to our two insurances on Lisa. I don’t know if you routinely see the services you provide as life-saving, but I want you to know that Lisa’s mother’s lymphedema and peripheral neuropathy pain drove her to a legal, attended VSED suicide, and Lisa was contemplating the same fate if we couldn’t bring her swelling under control. You saved her life with this machine. Please make no mistake about that. From my soul, I thank you all for this pre-Christmas miracle. You saved her life with this machine.  From my soul, I thank you all for this miracle.”

Jonathan T.

“I have Lymphedema in both legs. It was impossible, bandages were hot, droopy, and took 1.5 hours to put on. I stopped using them and my condition got worse. Treatment began immediately and got on the pump. Fast, convenient, and easy to do. I now have treatment every day. I am forever grateful for this machine!”

Yvette P.

“Prior to receiving the pump, I needed to elevate my legs most of the day. My legs were constantly swollen and painful. I was always at home in bed and it was difficult to live outside of my home. Since using the pumps, my legs feel better and although it doesn’t take away my issue, it helps me to cope and live with it. It helps my blood flow and circulation. It’s also wonderful that I can do this procedure in the comfort of my home. I am grateful that this machine has helped me and I thank you for providing it for me.”

Chantelle H.

“Lymphedema symptoms began when I was 15. I have suffered from swollen feet and ankles ever since. I am now 69. Since I began using the pump, my swelling has been more controllable, it is especially helpful at the end of the day.”

Pat M.

“Helps the leg stay small. Feels very good. Thank you all, again, my leg is easier to walk with. I’m able to do more things for myself.”

Dave N.

“I was swelling so bad and I could barely get around by myself. My swollen legs would put me off balance, my legs were bumpy and really ugly looking, and very tender. My quality of life is much better now. My legs are smaller, smoother, and not so tender. I can get around better and by myself. I just had a doctor’s appointment and she commented on how good my legs look.”

Bart W.

“My ulcerations on my legs were not responding before beginning to use the sleeves, with the pump on my legs. It has really made a huge difference in the swelling going down in my legs as well as bringing so much better circulation to my legs and feet. I would say since beginning to use the legs and foot sleeves/ pump it has been easier to put my shoes on and walking is now much more comfortable.”

Violet B.

“12 years of water pills. Lymphedema took over my legs, mostly the left one. My foot is swollen 24/7. Taking water pills daily for 12 years was taking a toll on me, both physically and mentally. A miracle happened when I was told about the leg pump at Physical Therapy Sandy in Hawaii. I tried it once and found relief in two days. Was referred to doctor Water for this and he referred and prescribed this leg pump, which has made a life change in my legs and feet. Pain, swelling, and shoes that don’t fit, was all gone. Most definitely leg pump has changed my whole life. After 90 minutes my legs are skinny with no pain, it offers a soothing massage while sending fluids up back through my circulatory system. 90 minutes at night gives me all-day relief through the next day. No more water pills that take effect on your bladder, kidneys, and who knows what else. The potassium was constantly being eliminated with the fluids therefore had to take potassium pills. This process caused serious cramping throughout my body, especially through my chest area, I am so grateful for this leg pump and for Anna who came to fit it for me, at my home. Many thanks for your help and technology. Thank you. God bless you.”

Lenora K.

“I had lots of swelling on my legs, the left leg was worse. After using your pump, my legs are not swollen as badly and I have less pain in my ankles.”

Wayne N.